Phased Array Optics: Phased Array Optics and Computer Generated Holography Links

What are Phased Array Optics?

Michael Anissimov’s article explaining Phased Array Optics as an advanced technology for general 3D image formation. Some of the large scale ideas get a bit carried away.

Computer-Generated Holography as a Generic Display Technology [PDF]

This excellent review article by Chris Slinger and colleagues at QineticQ Ltd. in the August 2005 IEEE Computer(Vol. 38(8), pp 46-53) discusses the current state of real-time holography using Spatial Light Modulators. This is the kind of technology, and the kind of thinking, that will eventually lead to mature PAO technology.

3D electronic holography display system using a 100-megapixel spatial light modulator

This is a technical paper by the QineticQ group describing their real-time holography system as it existed in 2004.

Holographic full-color 3D display system using color-LCoS spatial light modulator

A liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) electro-holography system is described in a technical paper by researchers in Korea in 2005.

Advances in liquid crystal spatial light modulators

2002 SLM technical review article.

HOLOEYE Photonics AG

This company produces Spatial Light Modulators containing 1920 x 1080 pixels 8 microns wide with individually controllable phase, which is representative of the current state-of-the-art for SPMs. The addressable phase elements need to become more than ten times smaller to be true PAO.

3-D Displays: A Review of Current Technologies

Good review article explaining many different types of 3D image displays. See especially the electro-holography section.

Computer Generated Holography (CGH) at LSU page

This is a CGH course taught at Louisiana State University with good links.

Mark Lucente’s Holovideo page (legacy)

Mark Lucente was instrumental in the development of one the first real-time holographic display systems at the MIT Media Lab in the early 1990s.

David Cary’s Computational Holography page (legacy)

There’s a large CGH bibliography here, plus the first notice of “Phased Array Optics” by the computational holography community that I’m aware of. PAO is classified as “Cool stuff that's only tangentially related to Computational Holography”.

HOLOVISION Project Summaryand technical explanation

HOLOVISION is not holography or phased array optics, but it’s an interesting technology that’s able to produce big 3D images more easily than wavefront reconstruction methods.

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