Phased Array Optics: Works that Cite or Discuss Phased Array Optics

The following are some books and articles that refer to Phased Array Optics as described in the original 1996 book chapter, and on this website.

Nanoscale Science and Technology by Robert W. Kelsall, Mark. Geoghegan, Ian W. Hamley (John Wiley and Sons, 2005) page 362.

Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies by Michael Wilson, Geoff Smith, Kamali Kannangara, Michelle Simmons, Burkhard Raguse (CRC Press, 2002) page 263.

Wave Motion by J. Billingham, Andrew C. King (Cambridge University Press, 2000) page 399.

B. Faber, Popularizing Nanoscience: The Public Rhetoric of Nanotechnology, Technical Communication Quarterly 15 (2006) 141-169.

I.W. Hamley et al, Cryo-TEM imaging of block copolymer micelles containing solubilized liquid crystal, Colloid and Polymer Science 282 (2004) 514-517.

I.W. Hamley, Nanotechnology with Soft Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 42 (2003) 1692-1712.

H. Fogelberg, H. Glimell, Bringing Visibility to the Invisible: Towards A Social Understanding of Nanotechnology, STS Research Reports 6. Section for Science and Technology Studies, Göteborg University, 2003.

A. Globus et al, NASA applications of molecular nanotechnology, The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society 51 (1998) 145-152.

B. Spence, Phased Array Optics, Popular Mechanics (Technology Watch), Sept. 1998.

Northern Lights (GURPS fanzine), issue 2-97 (1997) 6-7 [1.33 Mb PDF].

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